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What a pleasure it has been working with you and your company over the past three years!

—Robert R. Lambert, The Walt Disney Company

The Soest Crew really, really wants your exhibitor experience to be as hassle-free as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions and problems that may come up and what to do about them. If you have a problem not covered here, let us know ­ maybe we have a solution for you!

Exhibitor Badges

Try to have your exhibitor badges mailed to you ahead of time so you have them in hand. If you must pick up your badges onsite, be sure to get them the day before show opening. Frequently on opening morning, the exhibitor and attendee registration areas are so jammed, the waiting lines wrap around like those endlessly long queues at Disneyland. Don’t believe that you can show up at 8:00am on opening day and get your badge in time to make it to your booth by 10:00am for show open.

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At the seminar on systems at EXHIBIT BUILDER EXPO this past May, I learned of a not-so-new way to increase business without expending additional money.

The technique, brushed aside and mumbled about but never really examined, has possibilities. There is a smattering of companies doing it and making money: a rental program with in-house inventory. It’s not only applicable to low-cost pop-ups and modular or structural systems, but also for the systems integrated with custom and totally custom exhibits. Once the economics are understood, the concept is extraordinarily logical. It’s been in practice in Europe for so long they think we’re nuts to “sell exhibits”. Read More…

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