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We have been very pleased with total services of Soest & Associates.

—Sam Nakayama, Sony Magnescale America, Inc


Soest & Associates has been involved in the production of many “Pavilion” type trade show exhibits in the course of our history. A pavilion is generally a small tradeshow within a tradeshow, an exhibit built along an industry, nationality, or corporate entity that incorporates a number of other companies within the confines of it’s exhibit area. We have produced pavilions for…

  • The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)
  • Chinese External Trade Association (CETRA)
  • Trade Center of India
  • Council General of Pakistan
  • Trade Commission of Mexico
  • Taiwan Trade Association
  • Universal Serial Bus Association (USB)
  • 1394 Fire Wire Association
  • Infrared Data Association (IRDA)
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Novell
  • Microsoft

We have also produced pavilions on behalf of Ziff Davis Publishing (Producers of Comdex) for Sun Microsystems, Novell and Apple Computer.

And, we are particularly proud of the long association that we have had with Microsoft in helping them to produce their very successful Partner Pavilion program.

Make sure you visit our Pavilions Portfolio in order to appreciate the work we have done in the past.

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