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Your company was professional to deal with, on top of our project at all times.

—Marro Marketing, Director DV Magazine

Marketing and Graphics

Clear, sharp graphic signage is an important element in successful exhibit display design; good, eye-catching signage should immediately identify your company and its products to attendees and create a sense of curiosity and interest.

Because exhibit displays usually require well-defined large-scale signage, a specialty item not available at many print shops, Soest & Associates created its own in-house graphics department capable of creating all kinds of signage in a wide variety of materials and mediums.

By producing your graphics right here at Soest, we have greater control over your project, more accuracy with size and color, and most importantly, more flexibility for a quick turnaround on graphics with last-minute changes or additions. We understand how important graphics are to your exhibit design and that’s why we take care of them ourselves.

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