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Event Management

Soest & Associates provides a wide array of Event Management Services to assist you with your marketing goals, including:

  • Tradeshow Budgeting
  • Evaluation/Selection of Events and/or Sites
  • Creating Your Own Tradeshows, Press Conference, or Special Events
  • Creating Your Own “Partner Pavilion” within an Existing Tradeshow
  • Show Services Contractor
  • Internet, Telecommunications and Audio/Visual Needs
  • Travel Arrangements and Housing
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Graphic Design/Production of Signage, Print Materials and Collateral

Tradeshow Budgeting

Soest can assist you in preparing your annual tradeshow budget or just a budget for a specific tradeshow. We have the latest information and costs pertaining to labor, shipping, drayage, and utilities in the major convention facilities and hotel/resorts throughout the United States. We can estimate tradeshow-related expenses from the cost of your Press Conference for your product launch at, say, the House of Blues in Orlando, right down to the cost of promotional giveaways such as pens, T-shirts, software CDs or that new Mercedes SUV!

Evaluation/Selection of Events and/or Sites

Don’t know what tradeshows are appropriate for your company’s marketing dollars? Or where to hold that board meeting for 500 of your muckiest mucks? Soest & Associates has been all over the world coordinating special events for companies in just about any industry you can name. Let our expertise do the legwork for you.

Creating Your Own Tradeshows, Press Conferences, or Special Events

Feel like you know exactly the kind of tradeshow your company needs but it doesn’t yet exist? Start your own! Soest can assist in focusing on your target market, site selection, recruiting other exhibitors, providing expo contractor services (labor, drayage, exhibit displays, etc.), creating an Exhibitor Manual, signage and literature, Official Showbook, and a host of other Show Management responsibilities. Best of all, YOU get to be Show Management and call the shots!

We can also help in coordinating Press Conferences and other Special Events, from press releases and follow-up contact with media outlets to booking catering and “talent” for your next corporate party. Would you prefer The Rolling Stones or N’Sync to perform?

Creating Your Own “Partner Pavilion” within an Existing Tradeshow

No, you don’t want to create your own tradeshow, that sounds like more than you’re ready for. So how to create a bigger, more impressive presence at a tradeshow? Create a Pavilion! By contracting with Show Management for larger space (which moves you closer to the front entrance, not along the back wall that a 10×10 space gets you), you can “sublet” selected areas within your booth to other like-minded companies or partners. Companies like Microsoft, RealNetworks, even the U.S. Government have Pavilions showcasing partner companies that create products or services utilizing their technology. It creates a win/win situation for all by allowing smaller companies to participate in tradeshows they could not otherwise afford; larger companies participate in pavilions to enhance their tradeshow presence while minimizing cost and staffing logistics; and it gives the “parent” company a larger corporate presence with increased attendee traffic. Attendees spend more time in Pavilions than the average corporate booth because there are so many different products and services to see within one booth.

Soest can help negotiate for exhibit space with Show Management, booth design and layout featuring individual partner stations, establishing a “cost per partner” price, and targeting and recruiting your partner companies.

Show Services Contractor

Okay, so you’ve already started your own conference, which has grown so much in attendance and exhibit space that now you need a professional show services contractor to provide labor, drayage, furnishings and forklifts! Soest & Associates lives and dies by the customer-service sword ­ if your attendees and exhibitors can’t easily negotiate the nitty-gritty logistics of your conference, they won’t come back. Our primary goal is to make tradeshow logistics as easy and painless as possible so everyone can focus on the REAL reasons for coming ­ to see what’s new, launch a product, networkÉand party!

Internet, Telecommunications and Audio/Visual Needs

Soest can work closely with you to determine what technical services you will need and the least expensive way to get it done. For instance, you may need 20 internet connections within your booth ­ a convention facility may charge you for 20 internet drops at several hundred dollars each, when you may be able to get by with one drop by bringing your own hub and router. Likewise, we may be able to negotiate the rental of your computers and monitors for far less than the Official Show Contractor or arrange for special lighting or smoke effects without breaking your budget.

Travel Arrangements and Housing

You know, this sounds like it should be an easy task. How tough can it be to book a flight and a hotel? Well, if you have 100 co-workers to coordinate travel and housing for, all with different arrival and departure dates, coming from different cities, guaranteeing with individual credit cards, and, oh wait, did your Senior VP mention that he’s bringing his family and will need a crib bed and four passes to Disneyland and can you arrange a mini-van, too? Whew, what a time-consuming thankless chore this becomes, as if your plate isn’t full enough. Let our Soest drudges handle it all for you.

Marketing and Public Relations

There is more to exhibiting at a tradeshow than just showing up and demo-ing your product/service. We can help write your press releases, create an entire press kit, distribute them to appropriate media outlets, following up and arranging journalist appointments during show days as well as for after-hour events, and help you take advantage of all FREE press opportunities offered by Show Management. Work that pre-show buzz about your product and reap the rewards in greater press exposure long after the show is over.

Graphic Design/Production of Signage, Print Materials and Collateral

Soest & Associates can not only help you with the look and design of your exhibit display and signage, but can also design and produce marketing collateral including logos, press kits, product packaging, brochures, bulk mailings, CD duplication, and giveaways.

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