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I highly recommend Soest & Associates, Inc. as one of the leading tradeshow services companies.

—Greg Light, President Body Glove International

Custom Exhibits

Better booths begin by being bright about your display contractor. Soest & Associates will work with you to devise the most cost-effective booth solution for your needs and budget. From a custom-designed multi-tiered island extravaganza to a penny-wise system to intriguing combinations of the two, we’ll help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Rental, leasing, too–plus complete turnkey responsibility including concept, design, construction, graphics, and all exhibit related services.

Should We Rent or Buy?

Many may misconstrue as miserly, but at Soest & Associates, we can create a cost-effective rental exhibit for you that uses modular materials yet provides a full custom look. Without the custom price. Or weight. Or expensive drayage, support services, refurbishing, maintenance and re-fitting. So from a modular marvel that springs to life out of a suitcase, to a meticulous modular mansion with first and second floors, we can make modules perform miracles. Masterfully.

Why Should I Hire Soest To Manage My Trade Show Experience?

Some say a show is successful if nothing goes wrong. At Soest & Associates, we say a show is successful when everything goes right. So we handle everything right from the start. Planning, paperwork, contracting, rental, graphics and design, construction, on-site supervision and much more. Convention, exhibits, tradeshows, retail and office displays–everywhere showmanship sells. Anywhere on the planet.

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