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What a pleasure it has been working with you and your company over the past three years!

—Robert R. Lambert, The Walt Disney Company

About Soest

A tightly-knit group of innovative exhibit entrepreneurs who have been around the block…and around the world…from Zurich to Zanzibar. Work with us, and you avoid the zigs and zags of the big exhibit houses. You get fast, enthusiastic, responsive attention to every detail. With zip. Zeal. Enthusiasm. And no zingers when you get the bill.


Design diversity — whether for a retail, office, corporate or public space. Displays that show and sell. That motivate, inform, inspire or promote response. For anything from a kiosk to a museum-quality showpiece, there’s no question who to call: we dispel doubt by delivering delight.

Event Management

Even experts engage experts when it comes to handling the extraordinary volume of detail required to make a show successful. Which is why so many come to us. From planning and budgeting to exhibit design and construction, contracting for on-site services, plus drayage and at-show set-up supervision, maintenance during the show, and teardown, followed by complete warehousing, storage and exhibit refurbishing facilities, Soest eases everything. Encouraged? Exactly.

Marketing & Graphics

Marvelous marketing makes you more money. At Soest, our marketing/graphics department develops money making strategies through creative use of mailers, banners, posters, premiums, and scintillating signage. Don’t forget, great graphics grab attention. Gainfully.


We practically pioneered partner pavilions. Our pavilion proficiency has benefited companies such as Microsoft, Novell, Sun Microsystems, and Apple as well as the Mexican, Italian, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Bavarian trade commissions. Can we make your Pavilion a success? Yes. Si. Ya. Ei.

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